Your gateway to some of the finest scuba diving in Ireland with some of the clearest waters starts with Mevagh Dive Centre. We run scuba diving trips for all levels of qualified divers. Divers who don’t have their own equipment can rent equipment from our dive centre. Groups of qualified divers can charter one of our boats on a daily basis. We also run a weekly dive on Thursday evenings at 6pm during the summer period.

We have expert knowledge of sea dive wreck locations off the Coast of Ireland including the Donegal Classics and Malin wrecks. Divers can choose from an excellent selection of wreck, scenic or drift sea dives.


The S.S. Laurentic is located at a depth of 40 meters. This sea wreck lies at the mouth of the Lough Swilly, on a seabed of gravel. The Laurentic is the wreck, scuba divers dream of!
This vessel 550 feet long, was owned by the White Star Company and was a passenger liner built by Harland and Wolff. It was after she left Buncrana bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia that she struck by a mine at the mouth of Lough Swilly and sank.
Part of her cargo was 43 tonnes of Gold bars and a huge quantity of silver coins. The Gold bars have all been recovered apart from 20 still missing. The silver coins have never been found. So The Laurentic is still of great interest to scuba divers. Sea life is in abundance on and around this wreck

SS Kalliopis
The SS Kalliopis is located at a depth of 25 meters. The wreck lies approximately in 30 feet of the rocks on the north coast of Donegal out from Downings. This is good dive site due to the large amount of wreckage to sift through including a lot of crockery. The boilers and funnels can also still be seen. This is a good sea dive for the novice with some experience.
The SS Kalliopis vessel was of Greek origin, on her way to London with a cargo of grain. After being torpedoed by a U-Boat, it caught fire, drifted on to the rocks and sank.

S.V. Florence – Sailing Vessels
This is a good dive for Novices. The Florence wreck is located at a depth of 10 meters of seawater on a sandy seabed. The height of the wreck of this sailing vessel is 4 meters, which was on route from Galway to Derry with a cargo of flagstones. While sheltering from a storm, it struck rocks and sank

HMS Wasp
The wreck of the HMS Wasp is situated just of Tory Island. The dive depth is 15 meters. The wreck lies mainly in gullies near the shore. This is a very nice dive – weather permitting. There are two nice Cannons to be seen here. The seabed is sandy

Inish Dooey
The Inish Dooey is located in a depth of 15 meters of seawater. The wreck is situated on the North East side of The Island Boilers and there is a large propeller still to be seen. The seabed here consists mainly of Kelp.

S.V. Gaelic
Located at a depth 23 to 30 meters, the S.V. Gaelic vessel lies at the foot of Frenchman’s Rock (at Melmore Head), with deep gullies around it up to 30 meters. The seabed is made up of rocks and shale. This is a good sea dive for the experienced diver. Lots of different sea life to see


Horn Head
Sea Diving at Horn Head, is sheltered from westerlies and the depth ranges from 20 to 30 meters. The seabed is rocky and sandy. There is an abundance of fish to see and also Cave dives. Above these dive sites are the Horn Head Cliffs, these cliffs are home to a variety of bird life including Puffins, Seagulls, and Cormorants

Wherryman Rock
The depth ranges for sea dives at Werryman Rock range from 8 to 20 meters. This is a great dive for the Trainee Diver. The seabed is sandy with rocks and some Kelp

The Limeburner
The Limeburner is a large rock approximately 2 miles north of Melmore Head at a depth of 10 to 40 meters. This is a fabulous sea dive with deep gullies and drop offs for the experienced diver. Sea life is in abundance with Lobster, Crayfish and many other types of sea life to be found here.

Campbell’s Bed
The Campbell’s Bed Site is a reef located at a depth of 20 meters. The seabed is sandy and kelp with great sea life to be seen.

Pat Mc Gees 1
The site at Pat Mc Gees 1 is a good training sea dive. Located at a depth of 10 meters, this scenic dive boasts an abundance of sea life including, Cuckoo, Mrasse, Ballan and Lobster. The seabed is rock with sheer walls.

Tory Island
The Depth ranges at Tory Island vary from 4 to 30 meters. There are many first class dives around the island in very clear sea waters, for example dives through Arches, Cave dives and also some Deep Drop Offs. There is also an abundance of sea life on view. The seabed is sandy with large boulders (rocks).

Black Rock
Black Rock, with a depth range of 10 to 20 meters is a perfect dive site for training. On one side of the rock the depth is 10 meters and on the other side it reaches 20 meters.

The Massmount site is a rock face located at a depth of 20 meters.

Pat Mc Gees 2
This dive is the same as Pat Mc Gees 1 except that the dive depth is 20 meters

Carson’s Point
The Caron’s Point Dive is at a depth of 10 meters. The seabed consists mainly of Kelp and Sand. This is a great place for sea life especially Lobster.

Breaghy Head
At the Breaghy Head sea dive, divers can dive through an arch at a depth of 10 meters.

Bun Bockan
The highlight of the dive at Bun Bockan is a cliff face that drops from a depth of 20 to 25 meters

Mill Stone
The Mill Stone site is a sheltered dive at a depth of 15 meters with a sandy seabed

The Woodquarter site offers sheltered sea diving at a depth of 20 to 25 meters and a sandy seabed




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